About North Meols Family History Society

We are a small, friendly Society, formed in November 1990. The group meet locally and provides support and encouragement to those people with an interest in family and local history in the area of North Meols, as well as trying to help with genealogical research.

North Meols was an ancient parish comprising the two townships of Birkdale and North Meols (which included Churchtown, Crossens, Marshside and Banks). The parish comprised much of what is now Southport. As was common at the time, the name of the parish as a whole was also the name of the township containing the parish church. In this case the parish church of St Cuthbert is situated in Churchtown, a central position within the North Meols township.

The Society normally meets monthly at the Cornerstone Methodist Church, Marshside Rd, Southport, PR9 9TL Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of each month, and start at 7.30pm. Some meetings include talks on specific subjects, while others give members the opportunity to discuss topics of interest, and to seek help or advice when they are stuck with their own research.

Meetings are informal, and non-members are invited to attend. Anybody who is just starting off doing their family history and isn’t sure if they want to join the Society, can come along and see what goes on. Details of future meetings can be found on the ‘What’s on’ page..

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The Society’s Constitution

(as revised in 2008)

1) NAME – The name of the society shall be ‘North Meols (Southport) Family History Society’

2) OBJECTIVES – the objective of the Society shall be to promote the advancement of public education in the study of Genealogy, Heraldry and Local History.

In furtherance of these objectives, but not further or otherwise, the Society shall have the following powers:-

a) To assist in personal research by discussion and meetings and by suggesting methods of obtaining information.

b) To collaborate with similar organisations and with such bodies as Churches, Libraries, Record Offices and Universities, and to build up its own information service and Library, in order that the studies of members may be facilitated.

c) To promote the preservation by transcription of original sources.

d) To arrange talks, visits and other activities connected with subjects of interest to the Society’s members.

e) To publish a quarterly magazine and literature, including transcripts of ancient records and monumental inscriptions.

3) MEMBERSHIP – membership of the Society shall be open to all persons who are interested in the objectives for which the Society exits. Membership applications must be made in writing on a prescribed form. All subscriptions shall be payable on January 1st. The committee will periodically review and decide the rate of subscription payable.

4) SUSPENSION FROM MEMBERSHIP – the committee may suspend from membership of the Society, any member whose activities are likely to be detrimental to the Society in their opinion. Suspended members shall have the right to appeal to an E.G.M. or A.G.M., having been given the reasons for their suspension in writing.

5) MEETINGS – an Annual General Meeting shall be held during the month of May, when Officers shall present the Society’s reports, and the treasurer will present the Society with a Statement of Account. The Accounts to be audited at a maximum of five yearly intervals. An ‘Extraordinary General Meeting’ can only be called following request to the Society by six or more members, providing that twenty eight days notice is given.

6) COMMITTEE – the Society shall be administered by a Committee consisting of the Officers comprising: Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Librarian, plus six other members who shall be elected for one year. A quorum shall consist of four members of the committee, one of whom must be an Officer. The Committee shall have the power to co-opt any members to the committee.

7) ELECTION AND NOMINATIONS – Officers and members of the committee shall be elected at the A.G.M., only by fully paid up members who are present. The term of office shall begin immediately after the declaration of the results. Nominations may be submitted in writing beforehand, or may be given from the floor of the meeting.

8) CONSTITUTION – except for Rule 3 (Annual Subscriptions) the rules may be amended by the Society at it’s A.G.M. by members who are fully paid up members on 1st April immediately preceding the A.G.M. who attend and vote. Notice of the meeting shall be given to all members, but no omission to notify a member shall invalidate the A.G.M. The rules shall only be amended if three quarters of those attending and voting, vote for such alteration. Rule 3 may be amended at the A.G.M. in the same way as those other rules, save that the vote of one-half of those attending shall be sufficient for such alternation. The Chairman of the meeting shall in this instance have a casting vote. Voting shall be by way of a show of hands.

9) INCOME – the society shall be non-profit making, and all income shall be applied to furthering the objectives of the Society.

10) RULES – the committee shall have powers to enact rules for the working of the Society and any scheme in connection with the Society.

11) DISSOLUTION – the Society may be dissolved by a resolution passed by not less than three quarters of those members present with voting rights at either an A.G.M. or Special General Meeting, called for the purpose of which twenty eight days prior notice has been given in writing. Such a resolution may be given instructions for the disposal of any assets held by the society, after all debts and liabilities have been paid, the balance left to be transferred to some other charitable institutions having objects similar to those of the Society.

12) The committee may appoint not less than three and no more than ten members to hold property in their homes on behalf of the Society.