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This section includes old family photos with a connection to North Meols.

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The following pictures were sent in by Bill Sutton, the first picture was taken and shows Bill and his sister Barbara stood next to the Old Dukes stone on the corner of Lord St & Duke St in 1955.

The next image is of his father Alfred Sutton ( taken in the 60’s), with his family tree, models, carvings and paintings, these are just some of the items from his massive collection.

William Sutton Son of Hugh Sutton, & Grandson of ‘The Old Duke’ painted by Bill’s father.

Painting of Hugh Sutton, son of ‘the Old Duke’, also painted by Alfred.

William and Dorothy Sutton (nee Hooton)

This is the photograph that Bill’s father used to create his painting of Hugh Sutton

Hugh and his wife Alice Sutton (nee Dootson)

This next image is of Bill’s grandfather’s distant cousin, Alfred Sutton, who reputedly fought in the Boer War. The story is that he could not settle in England after the war and went to live
back in South Africa.

Alfred Sutton

The image below was sent in by John Sumner, and it shows his Great Grandmother Sarah ‘Dabber’ Sumner and Elizabeth Sumner. Sarah was a ‘hawker of fish’ and lived in Threlfalls Lane, with her husband George Sumner and their children; George, Elizabeth, John, William, Richard, Charles & Ernest.

Mike Rimmer has sent four photos that he has inherited from his father, James Fenwick  Douglas Rimmer (1915-2005). The first photo shows Mike’s grandmother, Margaret Rimmer
marching beside some of her students at St Stephens School in Banks.

The next 3 photos were taken at the annual Crossens Festival in the mid-1920s.

Margaret Patel sent in the following photo of Betty Rimmer, nee Meadows, of Churchtown.

She was the daughter of Thomas and Ellen Meadows. She was born in 1823, married Henry Rimmer on 16 June 1845, and died on 2 Feb 1910. Anecdotes say Betty was known as Betty
‘Dowser’, so it is possible she was known locally for having this skill. If any one has any stories or information about Betty, Margaret would like to her from you.

The 3 photos below were sent in by Maureen Kellett.This first photo is of her Great Grandad Richard Wareing born 1850, who had a family farm on Gravel Lane, Banks. He was married
to Betty Howard. His son, William Wareing, born 1892, married Jennie Johnson, born 1892 in Banks.

The next picture is of her Grandma Jennie Johnson, daughter Betty, who sadly died aged three, and her Grandad William Wareing.

The group photo below shows: top row: Jennie Johnson and her sister Mary

second row: Great Grandma Mary Johnson, nee Wilson (born 1870), her husband, Great Grandad John Johnson (born 1865) and Grandma’s sister Ellen, born 1898

This next picture, which was sent in by Jim Wright, is a wedding photograph taken outside Marshside Road Methodist Chapel. Jim thinks it is from the early 1920’s. The only person that
Jim can identify for sure is number 20, who is his auntie, Isabella Bertha Tryphena Sumner, sister to Jim’s mother Miriam (Cissie) and her sister Sarah. Number 13 could be the minister of Marshside Road Methodist Chapel, Joseph Grainger who later became the father-in-law to Isabella Bertha Tryphena Sumner when she married Eric Grainger, son of Joseph.

If you recognise anybody in the photo, or you have any other information about when it was taken, then please get in touch.

This picture was sent in by Bob Howard, and shows Alice Wright (Howard) and Richard Wright.

Richard was from Marshside, and was christened at St Cuthbert’s in April 1809. Alice was from Rowe Lane, and was christened in July 1815 at St Cuthbert’s. They married at St Cuthbert’s on
9th July 1832. Richard died in January 1890 aged 80, and Alice died in May 1903, aged 87.

They are both buried at St Cuthbert’s graveyard.

The photo below was sent in by Keith Howard Johnson, and is of his grandparents wedding at Victoria Methodist Church in 1923.

The people in the photo are as follows; Back Row: Left to Right Unknown Howard (possibly Luke), William Howard, Thomas Howard, William Howard, Bertha Mitchell, Albert Mitchell with Kathleen Mitchell in his arms, Lily Howard and then John Booth Mitchell with Norman in his arms.

Front Row: Left to Right Caroline Elizabeth Howard, Alice Howard, Hannah Howard, Nellie Mitchell and Ruth Mitchell.

Rob Clay has sent in the next 2 photos which were taken between 1881 and 1891. The first shows his great-grandmother Mary Elizabeth Jessop and a friend, outside the convelescent hospital on the promenade, where she worked.

The second photo shows the inside of the hospital, which is now part of Marine Gate Mansions development.

Rob would like to hear from anybody who has any stories or old photos of the hospital.

The next 3 photos below were sent in by Ruth Moore who lives in New Zealand. They are taken from an old family album belonging to family of Seth Rimmer of Shakespeare Street, Southport.

This first photo is of Seth Luther Rimmer (1831-1908). This photo appeared in his obituary in the Southport Guardian.

The second photo is of Ellen Rimmer nee Pierpoint (1826-1895), Seth Rimmer’s wife.

The children in the group photo below are eight of Seth and Ellen Rimmer’s nine children (a girl named Alberta died before this was taken).

They are:

Top (from left): Luther,Margaret,Minnie
Bottom (from left): Peden, Erena, Lincoln, Evelyn, Edith

The photo below was provided by Val Carr, and shows her grandfather taking part in the mayoral parade of John Eddows Willett. It is believed to have been taken in 1914 or 1915.

The photo shows Chapel Street – complete with tram lines.

The next 2 photos were sent in by Karen Arnold.

The first is part of a postcard of her Gran Annie Ormandy, who was born in Southport in 1891.

Karen thinks that it must be somewhere on the pier and was taken around 1908. Karen would like to know if anyone knows more about the shop and its whereabouts.

This second photo is of her Gran’s mother Harriet Jane (nee Baughan) b 1860, and 4 of her elder sisters (there were 7 altogether).

The sisters in the photo from right are:

Florrie b.1881, Maggie b.1886, Harriet b.1885 and Edith b.1883. Their father was Henry James Ormandy b.1858, Henry James was a grocers shop proprietor on Cemetery Road, where they

The next 2 photos below were sent in by Christine Howie (nee Magee).

Although her father was born in St Helens, he lived most of early life in Birkdale.

As a child, along with her brother and parents, she spent her holidays in Southport visiting her Grandfather Mr John Magee, who lived at 8 Stamford Road Birkdale.

The first photo is of Christine’s Grandfather in his hospital blues during the 1st world war – he is sat first left on the front row. He worked for the Corporation, she thinks he
was a brick layer.

The second photo is of her Grandfather’s sisters, Bessie Rimmer and Sally Ball.

Aunt Bessie’s son Robin worked on the fairground. She also had another son called Rich

Christine would be pleased to hear from anyone who remembers her family.

The next photograph is of Thomas Carr, born June 4, 1822 (or 1823) in Southport.

His parents were Mary Carr and John Threlfall.

Thomas Carr was a Master Tailor according to the 1861 census. He migrated to the USA in the 1880’s and settled in Ogden, Utah, where he died September 30,

The next photograph was sent in by Judy Bradwell, who now lives in New Zealand.
She included the following caption..

‘Scarisbrick billet of the Worsley Troop, Duke of Lancaster’s Own Yeomanry Cavalry 1894 outside the Scarisbrick Hotel, Lord Street, Southport, with the builder and owner
of the hotel, Alfred Jordan de Crompton, left.

Alfred Jordan de Crompton (and yes, the family installed the ‘de’ apparently in Victorian times) was Judy’s great grandfather, and believes that the man on the far right may have been his nephew William Parker, son of Margaret Milne Parker,
Alfred Jordan’s sister.’

The next four photographs have been sent by member Simon Todd

John Todd, aged 16 (born 1909) son of William Todd and Jane (nee Rimmer)

Jane Todd (nee Rimmer) wife of William Todd of Wennington Road, she was born in 1884, she died of heart failure aged 40.

Bill Disley (right) was born into a canal boat family from Burscough.

Farm workers. The lady on the far right is called Annie

The following photo was sent in by Hazel Rimmer, and is believed to have been taken at the opening on the Sea Bathing Lake

The next 3 of photographs were sent in by Judy Bradwell, one of our members living in New Zealand

This is a line up of volunteers who trained during the war as fire fighters in Southport. Judy’s mother, Edna Ward, is on the very left of the back row. She doesn’t know who the others are. Perhaps others will recognise members of their family

William ‘Stick Billy’ Ball, born May 1786, died August 1875.

William was the Schoolmaster of Christchurch National School between 1832-1853 & the Clerk of Christ Church between 1841-1873

These next four photos were supplied by Hazel Rimmer.

James Carr, born1807, and his wife Margaret (nee Halsall) born 1813, they lived at Ash Tree Farm (now Bedford Rd.)

Thomas and Ann Rimmer (nee Swift) of Pierces Farm, Little Altcar

James and Jane Balshaw of Tyrers Farm, Altcar

The photos below are some of those that were kindly provided by member Jim Feely, and are believed to date back to 1840

Edward Mawdsley and Family of 10 William Street.
Edward b. 13th October 1853, Margaret b. 1835 (Nee Abram), Thomas b. 1857,
Isabelle b. 9th Nov 1858, Catherine b. 21st Jan1860, John b. 5th Nov 1861
Michael b. 1st Nov 1863, Edward b. 5th may 1865, Mary b. 1st Dec 1866 & Margaret b. 17th Nov 1868

Catherine Abram (previously Formby and Cantwell) and family

Michael Mawdsley, his Wife Sarah (neeRobinson) and daughter Cissy

Michael Mawdsley (born 1863) and his pigeon cups

Staff on the Cheshire Lines Railway Southport. Joseph Mawdsley is seated on right hand side

Thomas Howard married Maria Young. He worked on the Cheshire line Railway

Joseph Mawdsley (born 1872) in his later years working as a basket maker

If you have any old family photographs that you think might be of interest to other members, then please e-mail them to the webmaster or alternatively you can send or pass a copy, preferably on CD, to any member of the committee.

Please do not send the original photos as we can not accept responsibility for their loss.