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14/05/1971Sunshine Inn, Asbury ParkDr Zoom and the Sonic Boom19.0
17/12/1971The Ledge Bar, Rutgers University, New Brunswick The Bruce Springsteen Band "Down The Road Apiece"12*
 Greetings & The Wild, The Innocent Tours   
02/03/1973BerkleySoundboard--Ed Sciaky Archives110.0
24/04/1973The Main Point, Bryn Mawr, PA"Smalltown Boy"110.0
31/07/1973Roslyn, New YorkLive radio broadcast18.0
19/01/1974Kent State University, Kent, Ohio 29.0
03/03/1974Gaston Hall, Georgetown University, Washington"Saint In The City"29.0
09/03/1974KLOL-FM Studios"The Lost Radio Show"18.0
09/03/1974Liberty Hall, Houstonsix bonus tracks on disc two, which are of better quality than the main show!!26.0
13/07/1974The Bottom Line, New York City"No Money Down"26.0
29/11/1974TheMemorial Building, Trenton, New Jersey 26.0
08/12/1974University Of Vermont, BurlingtonSound poor24.0
05/02/1975The Main Point, Bryn Mawr, PA 210.0
07/03/1975Painters Mill Music Fair 14.0
 Born To Run   
29/07/1975Carter Baron Amphitheatre, Washington DC"Talent and Feeling"26.0
15/08/1975The Bottom Line, New York 26.0
13/09/1975The Music Hall, BostonRe-mastered by The Magic Rat27.0
27/09/1975Ambassadir Theater, St Louis"Cos Tonight We Got Style"25.0
02/10/1975Uptown Theatre, MilwaukeeThe Bombscare Show. Disc 1 poor quality3 
04/10/1975Detroit Michigan Palace, DetroitFirst Night In Detroit210.0
18/10/1975The Roxy, LA(Early Show)25.0
19/10/1975The Roxy, LAPoor Sound23.0
21/11/1975Konserthuset, Stockholm, Sweden 24.0
24/11/1975Hammersmith Odeon, London 29.0
02/12/1975Boston Music Hall, Boston"Party Lights"25.0
03/12/1975Boston Music Hall, Boston 25.0
21/12/1975Seneca College, Toronto"Bring Out The Hype"25.0
30/12/1975Tower Theatre, Philadelphia 28.0
 Chicken Scratch Tour   
04/04/1976Michigan State University, East Lansing"Hidden Worlds That Shine"29.0
07/04/1976Allen Theater, Cleveland 28.0
29/04/1976Ellis Auditorium, Memphis"Knock On Wood" MP3 27.0
02/08/1976Monmouth Art Center, Red Bank, New Jersey"Second Rendezvous At Red Bank"25.0
21/08/1976Palace Theater, Waterbury 27.0
29/09/1976Civic Center, Santa Monica 25.0
10/10/1976Miami University, Oxford, Ohio 27.0
12/10/1976Rutgers University, New Brunswick"Shut out the lights and seal away". Sound not too clever22.0
13/10/1976Keane College, Union, New Jersey 25.0
17/10/1976Georgetown University, Washington 24.0
25/10/1976The Spectrum, Philidelphia 28.0
27/10/1976The Spectrum, Philidelphia 27.0
03/11/1976The Palladium, New York City 27.0
04/11/1976The Palladium, New York City"We Gotta Get Out Of This Place"28.0
13/02/1977Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto"Soul Crusaders"28.0
15/02/1977Masonic Temple, Detroit 28.0
17/02/1977Richfield Colisseum, Cleveland"Say Goodbye To Hollywood"26.0
28/02/1977Fox Theater, St Louis 28.0
23/02/1977Chicago"Windy City Promise"25.0
05/03/1977Jai-Alai Fronton, Orlando"Everything's Alright" (audience recording)25.0
13/03/1977Towson State University, Baltimore 26.0
22/03/1977Music Hall, Boston"bustin' out of beantown"25.0
23/03/1977Music Hall, Boston"are you prepared for a heart attack"27.0
24/03/1977Music Hall, Boston 29.0
25/03/1977Music Hall, Boston"Stranded In The Park"28.0
19/05/1978The Paramount Theatre, Asbury Park"Darkness Rehersals"35.0
23/05/1978Shea Theatre, BuffaloThe first show of the tour25.0
30/05/1978Music Hall, Boston"Defining That Million Dollar Sound" 1st two tracks of disc one cut23.0
31/05/1978Music Hall, Boston"Looking for that million dollar sound"29.0
02/06/1978Halsey Field House, U.S. Naval Academy, AnnapolisIncomplete show22.0
03/06/1978Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale 28.0
20/06/1978Red Socks Ampitheater, Morrison 33.0
07/07/1978The Roxy, Los Angeles "Roxyland"39.0
09/07/1978Sports Arena, San Diego"Not Fade Away"35.0
12/07/1978Convention Center, Dallas 25.0
18/07/1978Civic Center, Jackson 24.0
21/07/1978Nashvillepart of show24.0
28/07/1978Jai Alai Fronton, Miami"Summertime In Miami"       sound not too clever22.0
29/07/1978Bay Front Center, St Petersburg 36.0
04/08/1978Civic Center, Charleston "Oh Boy"310.0
09/08/1978The Agora, ClevelandThe Agora radio broadcast "Just In Time For Summer"310.0
14/08/1978Hampton Coliseum, Hamptonsound not too clever34.0
19/08/1978The Spectrum, Philadelphia"The Jersy Devil" (Part show)26.0
21/08/1978Madison Square Gardens, New York City 39.0
01/09/1978Masonic Temple Auditorium, Detroit 39.0
09/09/1978Notre Dame University, South Bend, IndianaThe Hunchback Of E Street25.0
12/09/1978War Memorial Auditorium, Syracuse 37.0
13/09/1978Civic Center, Springfield 25.0
17/09/1978The Palladium, New York City"The Lost Soundboard Tape"39.0
17/09/1978The Palladium, New York City"Some Day We'll Look Back On This"38.0
19/09/1978Capitol Theatre, Passaic, New Jersey"Passaic Night"310.0
21/09/1978Capitol Theatre, Passaic, New Jersey"The Boss' Birthday Party"310.0
07/11/1978Barton Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York"The Boss Blows Out Barton" Incomplete setlist, audience recording, v. poor sound21.0
08/11/1978The Forum, Montreal"A Short Trip To Montreal"35.0
11/11/1978Princeton University 37.0
20/11/1978University Of Illinois, ChampaignPoor Sound23.0
25/11/1978The Opera Center, St Louis"Open Out On The Turnpike"36.0
15/12/1978Winterland, California"Winterland"310.0
19/12/1978Paramount Theater, Portland 39.0
20/12/1978Seattle Center Arena, Seattle"Pretty Flamingo"37.0
28/12/1978Stanley Theatre, Pittsburgh"Stanley Theatre Night"35.0
29/12/1978Boutwell Auditorium, Birmingham, Alabama"The Alabama Slammer"36.0
31/12/1978Richfield Colisium, ClevelandThe Firecracker Show38.0
01/01/1979Richfield Colisium, Cleveland 36.0
 The River   
03/10/1980Crisler Arena, Ann ArborFirst night of the tour35.0
11/10/1980Uptown Theater, Chicago 36.0
25/10/1980Colisium, Portland, Oregon 39.0
05/11/1980Arizona State University, Tempe"Heart and Soul"38.0
15/11/1980The Summit, Houston 36.0
24/11/1980Capital Center, Landover 38.0
09/12/1980The Spectrum, Philadelphia A Night for John (Sound not too clever)34.0
15/12/1980Boston Gardens, Boston"Catch That Train"37.0
18/12/1980Madison Squre Gardens, New YorkPoor sound34.0
18/12/1980Madison Squre Gardens, New York"kiss me it's almost Christmas" better sound35.0
28/12/1980Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale"The Other Night"38.0
29/12/1980Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale"Coliseum Night"39.0
31/12/1980Nassau Coliseum, UniondaleSlight hiss in the background, otherwise would have scored 937.0
20/01/1981Maple Leaf Gardens Concert Bowl, Toronto"Deep Down In The Glove Compartment" (Excellent sound but only the last half of the show)29.0
23/01/1981The Forum, MontrealExcellent sound, incomplete show (Previously uncirculated audience recording)29.0
12/02/1981Municipal Audtorium, Mobile 38.0
15/02/1981Lakeland, Florida"This Way To Disneyland"35.0
16/02/1981Lakeland, Florida 35.0
09/04/1981ICC Halle, Berlin 35.0
07/05/1981Johannseshovg Isstadion, Stockholm, Sweden 38.0
08/05/1981Johnanneshovg Isstadion, Stockholm, Sweden"Teardrops In The City Revisited"36.0
07/06/1981NEC Birmingham 34.0
09/07/1981Brendan Byrne Arena, East Rutherford, New Jersey"front row center"36.0
15/07/1981The Spectrum, Philadelphia "Spectrum Night"38.0
04/08/1981Capital Center, Landover"Hot N' Muggy"38.0
20/08/1981Sports Arena, Los Angeles"Written On The Wall"38.0
28/08/1981Sports Arena, Los Angeles 35.0
 Born In The USA   
12/07/1984Alpine Valley Music Theater, East TroyFourteen bonus tracks on disc three39.0
13/07/1984Alpine Valley Music Theater, East TroySix bonus tracks on disc three38.0
01/08/1984  37.0
16/08/1984Brendan Byrne Arena, East Rutherford, New Jersey"Do You Love Me"39.0
20/08/1984Brendan Byrne Arena, East Rutherford, New JerseyGlitches on No Surrender D2 and Rosalita D338.0
26/08/1984Capitol Center, Landover 39.0
18/09/1984The Spectrum, Philadelphia"This Gun's For Hire"38.0
19/10/1984Tacoma Dome, Tacoma 38.0
31/10/1984The Sports Arena, Los Angeles"No Tricks All Treats"37.0
15/11/1984St Louis Arena, St Louis 35.0
16/11/1984Hilton Colisium, Ames"Ames Night"39.0
18/11/1984Bob Devaney Sports Center, Lincoln, Nebraska"Sugerland"38.0
19/11/1984Kemper Arena, Kansas City 310.0
07/12/1984The Sportatorium, Tallahassee"Tallahassee Lassie Blues"35.0
15/01/1985Charlotte Colisium, Charlotte, North Carolina"Perfect In 85"35.0
01/06/1985Slane Castle, Dublin 38.0
05/06/1985St James Park, Newcastle, England"St James Park Party"38.0
12/06/1985Feynoord Stadium, Rotterdam, Holland 38.0
13/06/1985Feynoord Stadium, Rotterdam, Holland"Rocks The Lowlands"39.0
15/06/1985Waldstadium, Frankfurt, Germany"Intensivley Rockin' All Night Long"38.0
21/06/1985San Siro Stadium, Milan 38.0
25/06/1985Stadium Geoffrey Guichard, St Etienne, France 39.0
04/07/1985Wembley Stadium, London"Independence Night" six bonus tracks on disc three39.0
07/07/1985Roundhay Park, Leeds, Englandaudience recording36.0
07/08/1985Municipal Stadium, Cleveland 36.0
09/08/1985Soldierfields Stadium, Chicago"A Night At The Soldierfields"36.0
01/09/1985Giants Stadium, East Rutherford"Sunday Night Special"35.0
04/09/1985The Silverdome, Detroit 38.0
 Tunnel Of Love   
14/03/1988Richfield Colisium, Cleveland, Ohio 38.0
28/03/1988Joe Louis Arena, Detroit 37.0
02/04/1988Nassau Colisium, Uniondale 38.0
02/05/1988Shoreline Ampitheater, Mountain View, California"Ready To Ride"37.0
03/05/1988Shoreline Ampitheater, Mountain View, California"Roses and Broken Hearts"38.0
10/05/1988The Met Center, Bloomington, Minneapolis"Bloomington Night"39.0
22/05/1988Madison Square Gardens, New York 38.0
22/05/1988Madison Square Gardens, New York"This Is Not A Dark Ride"37.0
21/06/1988Aston Villa F.C. Birmingham Lots of flaws in the boot32.0
25/06/1988Wembley Stadium, LondonSome clicking and hissing on disc one.32.0
28/06/1988Feynoord Stadium, Rotterdam "Lost In The Darkness Of Love"310.0
03/07/1988Stockholm Stadium, Stockholm"Summer Night" Radio Broadcast incomplete, 21 tracks210.0
07/07/1988RDS, Dublin 38.0
 HumanTouch / Lucky town   
05/06/1992Hollywood Center Studios, Los AngelesIncomplete set list, 15 tracks210.0
13/06/1992Somewhere in Los Angeles!"The secret show" 9 tracks110.0
17/06/1992Globen, Stockholm"Living Proof"38.0
26/06/1992Festhalle, Frankfurt, Germany 39.0
10/07/1992Wembley Arena, London"Wembley Night"310.0
04/08/1992Brendan Byrne Arena, East Rutherford 36.0
28/09/1992Sports Arena, Los Angelessome clicking38.0
14/12/1992Boston Gardens, Boston 38.0
15/04/1993The Arena, Sheffield"Sheffield Night"310.0
20/04/1993Ahoy Sportspaleis, Rotterdam 39.0
22/05/1993National Bowl, Milton Keynes 39.0
24/06/1993Brendan Byrne Arena, East Rutherford 39.0
26/06/1993Madison Square Gardens, New York"New York City Night" Last show of tour.310.0
 Tom Joad   
21/02/1995Tramps, New York City"The Orriginal Reunion"310.0
29/11/1995Berkeley Community Theatre, Berkeley 210.0
17/12/1995The Beacon Theater, New York 210.0
17/01/1996The Music Hall, Cleveland 28.0
26/01/1996Bronco Bowl, Dallas 28.0
14/02/1996Kulturpalst, Dresden 28.0
17/02/1996CCH Halle, Hamburg 210.0
26/02/1996The Carre Theatre, Amsterdam 210.0
02/03/1996City Hall, Newcastle, England"Newcastle Night"210.0
13/03/1996The Cirkus, Stockholm"Cirkus Night"210.0
19/03/1996The Kings Hall, Belfast 28.0
16/04/1996The Royal Albert Hall, London 29.0
17/04/1996The Royal Albert Hall, London 210.0
19/04/1996ICC Halle, Berlin, Germany "Berlin Night" Bonus cd310.0
20/04/1996Queen Elizabeth Hall, Antwerp, Belgium 210.0
22/04/1996The Royal Albert Hall, LondonSome clicking and hissing25.0
24/04/1996The Brixton Aacdemy, LondonBrixton Night. Bonus disc310.0
25/04/1996The Brixton Academy, London 28.0
25/09/1996E.J. Thomas Hall, Akron,Ohio"Tom Joad Blues"29.0
03/10/1996Northrup Auditorium, Minneapolis 210.0
01/11/1996St Lima Rose, Freehold 210.0
26/11/1996Paramount Theatre, Asbury Park "Asbury Park Night" .One disc of bonus tracks310.0
05/12/1996Township Auditorium, Columbia 210.0
31/01/1997Kokusai Forum Hall, Tokyo, Japan 210.0
12/02/1997Capitol Theatre, Sydney 210.0
10/05/1997Sala Kongressowa, Warsaw 29.0
15/05/1997Auditorium Maurice Ravel, Lyon 29.0
26/05/1997Palais Des Congres, ParisLast show of the tour210.0
 Reunion Tour   
18/03/1999The Convention Hall, Asbury Park 28.0
11/04/1999Palau Sant Jordi, Barcelona 28.0
17/04/1999Polosport, Bologna, Italy"For True Rockers" Lizard label. 2 bonus tracks38.0
20/04/1999Forum, Milan 38.0
01/05/1999Evening News Arena, Manchester 37.0
02/05/1999Evening News Arena, Manchester 37.0
19/05/1999Earls Court, London 38.0
21/05/1999Earls Court, London 38.0
27/05/1999Flanders Expo, Gent, Belgium 28.0
03/06/1999The Bercy, Paris"Bercy Night"210.0
20/06/1999Gelredome, Arnhem, Holland"Arnhem Night"310.0
23/06/1999Olympic Stadion, Stockholm, Sweden"Olympic Stadium First Night" Crystal Cat recording nine bonus tracks310.0
24/06/1999Olympic Stadion, Stockholm, Sweden"Olympic Stadium Second Night" Crystal Cat recording thirteen bonus tracks310.0
20/07/1999East Rutherford, New Jersey 37.0
26/07/1999Contenental Airlines Arena, East Rutherford 39.0
22/08/1999Fleet Center, Boston"Boston Night"28.0
24/08/1999Fleet Center, Boston 27.0
21/09/1999First Union Center, PhilidelphiaSeveral Bonus tracks on disc three39.0
25/09/1999First Union Center, Philidelphia 37.0
23/10/1999Staples Center Arena, Los Angeles   38.0
25/10/1999Oakland Coliseum, Oakland 310.0
26/10/1999Oakland Arena, Oakland"Frisco Second Night"310.0
15/11/1999Gund Arena,Cleveland 38.0
28/02/2000Bryce Jordan Center, State College, PA 38.0
08/04/2000Kiel Arena, St Louis 38.0
09/04/2000Kemper Arena, Kansas City 39.0
17/06/2000Madison Square Gardens, New York "Saturday Night" Crystal Cat recording ten bonus tracks39.0
01/07/2000Madison Square Gardens, New York"Legendery Night" Last night of the tour39.0
05/07/2000Civic Center, Hartford 28.0
 The Rising   
30/07/2002Convention Hall, Asbury Park 25.0
30/08/2002Savvis Center, St LouisMr T Remaster28.0
24/09/2002Kemper Arena, Kansas City 39.0
06/10/2002First National Arena, Philidelphia 38.0
07/10/2002HSBC Arena, Buffalo 29.0
22/10/2002Rotterdam 210.0
27/10/2002Wembley Arena, London 39.0
03/11/2002American Airlines Arena, Dallas 28.0
02/12/2002Philips Center, Atlanta"Let's Produce"29.0
08/12/2002Colisium, Charlotte 38.0
19/02/2003Somerville Theatre, Boston"Double Take Night"310.0
02/03/2003The Frank Erwin Center, Austin, Texas 37.0
11/03/2003Blue Cross Arena, Rochester 35.0
20/03/2003Telstra Dome, Melbourne 310.0
09/04/2003Arco Arena, Sacramento"The Magic Rat appears at Arco Arena" The Magic Rat remaster310.0
09/04/2003Arco Arena, Sacramento 38.0
06/05/2003De Kuip, Rotterdam 39.0
08/05/2003De Kuip, Rotterdam 39.0
10/05/2003Sudwest Stadion, Ludwigshafe, Germany 38.0
12/05/2003Koning Boudewijn Stadium, Brussels 39.0
15/05/2003Estadio El Moninon, Gijon, Spain 38.0
17/05/2003Estadi Olimpic Lluis Companys, Barcelona 38.0
19/05/2003Estadio De La Comunidad, Madrid 38.0
22/05/2003Arena Aufschalka, Gelsenkirchen, Germany 39.0
24/05/2003Stade de France, ParisPlus the three songs peformed by Bruce prior to the show38.0
26/05/2003Crystal Palace National Sports Arena, London   38.0
27/05/2003Crystal Palace National Sports Arena, London   39.0
29/05/2003Old Trafford Cricket Ground, Manchester 39.0
31/05/2003RDS, Dublin 39.0
08/06/2003Stadio Artemio Franchi, Florence, Italy   38.0
10/06/2003Olympiastadion, Munich 38.0
14/06/2003Parken, Copenhagen 38.0
16/06/2003Olympic Stadium, Helsinki 38.0
21/06/2003Ullevi Stadium, Gothenburg, Sweden 39.0
22/06/2003Ullevi Stadium, Gothenburg, Sweden 310.0
25/06/2003Ernst-Happel Stadium Sale, Vienna, Austria 38.0
28/06/2003San Siro Stadium, Milan  Crystal Cat version, plus bonus tracks310.0
15/07/2003Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey 38.0
17/07/2003Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey 38.0
18/07/2003Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey 38.0
21/07/2003Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey 38.0
24/07/2003Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey 38.0
27/07/2003Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey 38.0
01/08/2003Gilette Stadium, Boston 39.0
02/08/2003Gilette Stadium, Boston 38.0
06/08/2003PNC Park, Pittsburgh 38.0
11/08/2003Financial Field, Philidelphia 38.0
17/08/2003Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles 38.0
28/08/2003Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey 36.0
30/08/2003Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, New JerseySamuez Remaster38.0
31/08/2003Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey"Summer Wind"38.0
07/09/2003Fenway Park, Boston 39.0
10/09/2003Skydome, Torontothe track "The Rising" cuts half way through37.0
14/09/2003Kenan Stadium, Chapel Hill 38.0
16/09/2003Rentschler Field, Hartford 37.0
18/09/2003Rentschler Field, Hartford 38.0
25/09/2003Invesco Field, Denver 39.0
27/09/2003Miller Park, Milwaukee 39.0
01/10/2003Shea Stadium, New York 39.0
03/10/2003Shea Stadium, New York 39.0
04/10/2003Shea Stadium, New YorkJohnny 99 missing from set list37.0
 Vote for Change   
01/10/2004Philidelphia 27.0
02/10/2004Gund Arena, Cleveland 29.0
05/10/2004Excel Center, St PaulCrystal Cat Version, 1 bonus track29.0
11/10/2004MCI Center, Washington 18.0
13/10/2004Contenental Airlines Arena, New Jersey 29.0
13/10/2004Contenental Airlines Arena, New JerseyCrystal Cat Version, 4 bonus tracks210.0
 Devils and Dust   
21/04/2005The Paramount Theater,  Asbury Park 29.0
22/04/2005The Paramount Theater,  Asbury Park 210.0
25/04/2005The Fox Theatre, Detroit 28.0
28/04/2005Nokia Theatre, Al Grand Prairie, Dallas 28.0
30/04/2005Glendale Arena, Phoenix 28.0
02/05/2005Pantages Theater, Los AngelesThe sound is clear but a little quite, needs cranking up a little.28.0
05/05/2005Oakland Theater, Oakland 28.0
07/05/2005Convention Center Lecture Hall, Denver 28.0
07/05/2005Convention Center Lecture Hall, Denver"Omaha Version" a little better than the version above28.5
10/05/2005ExCel Energy Center, St Paul 37.0
11/05/2005Rosemont Theatre, ChicagoAdamonte Version27.5
11/05/2005Rosemont Theatre, ChicagoJB Version27.5
14/05/2005George Mason University, Patriot Center 27.0
15/05/2005Wolstein Center, Cleveland State Uni', Cleveland 27.0
17/05/2005Tower Theater, PhiladelphiaBickle version28.0
19/05/2005Contenental Airlines Arena, East Rutherford, N.J. 29.0
20/05/2005Orpheum Theater, Boston 28.0
24/05/2005The Point, DublinMcCabe version. cut at the start of The Rising29.0
24/05/2005The Point, DublinDoberman Version210.0
27/05/2005The Royal Albert Hall, London 210.0
28/05/2005The Royal Albert Hall, LondonSound clear, but a little quiet, needs cranking up.28.0
30/05/2005Vorst National, Brussels 28.0
 Odds and Sods   
 The Lost Masters Essential Collection 0ne 210.0
 The Lost Masters Essential Collection Two 210.0
 The Lost Masters Volume 3"Rattling The Chains"19.0
 The Lost Masters Volume 13"Restless Nights"18.0
1981Fist Full Of DollarsNebraska outtakes19.0
05/06/1992Hollywood Center Studios, Los AngelesThe dress rehersal cocert radio broadcast2 
13/06/1992The Secret Show. LA.Not sure about the date. Radio broadcast.110.0
22/09/1992MTV XXPlugged and UncutWarner Hollywood Studios, Hollywood310.0
1992 / 1993All Those Nights Compilation Crystal Cat2 
20/08/1994Marz American Style, Long Branch, NJ"Recovered Again"19.0
07/12/2001Convention Hall, Asbury Park"Jingle Bell Night" Bruce, The Max Weinburg 7 and friends.39.0
1999N.J Ultimate BootCompilation from the Reunion Tour68.0
1970 - 1978Unsurpassed SpringsteenCompilation of studio out-takes and demos6 
19/02/2003Somerville Theatre, Boston"Double Take Night"3 
21/02/1995Tramps, New York City"The Orriginal Reunion"3 
08/12/1995Tower Theatre, Philadelphia11 tracks plus interview.2 
 The Definative River Out Takes 210.0
 Deep Down In The Vaults 38.0
1973-1996The Genuine Tracks  410.0
 "Mr Oustide"Solo Acoustic Demos from The River110.0
2003"This Is Gonna Be Good" and "Well That Didn't Suck"North American stadium tour compilation610.0
 "Bound For Glory"Radio interview and songs at around time of release of Greatings 10.0
12/02/2004Heinz Hall PittsburghFlood Aid27.0
19/12/2004Harry's Roadhouse, Asbury ParkBruce, Bobby Bandiera and Friends (Early Show)2 
1995-1997The Tracks Of Tom Joad  All the songs played live on this tour. Fantastic quality510.0
13/10/1986Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain ViewBridge Benefit show18.0
17/11/1990Shrine Auditorium, Mountain ViewCristic Institute Benefit Show "Budah Came First"210.0
1972-73"Prodigal Son"Some great studio stuff mixed with live tracks. Crystal Cat210.0

Saturday, 28th February, 2015